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Marco Tulio Brenes

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Marco Tulio was born in the province of Puntarenas and raised in the foothills of the Monteverde cloud forest. After turning 18 he left for San Jose, where he worked with Barry Biesanz, studied for a time in the House of the Artist and defined his career with the artist Rodolfo Morales. Tulio has spent most of his artistic creation of sculpture in various materials such as ceramic, stone and wood among others; paintings with oil and acrylics, drawing and poetry, among other expressions.

In his newest exhibit, "Oxygen,"
In broad strokes , "Oxygen" represents different times, from the beginning of days, the present and the future, where organic and color merge in space. In this exhibition all works have some elements in common: life, the planet, the oxygen and echoes constantly in a rebirth, a beginning. Tulio expresses himself in a surrealist and visual style without complex of color, where concept is most important.  He creates elements that are in common with the concept of the work and places them in essential spaces.

"Oxygen" is an invitation to give you space in your mind, to look at nature in another way, to feel the energy and to identify yourself with the work, to return to a beginning of life more in harmony and balance with everything that surrounds us: life.

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