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Telephone: 8588-0024 / 8386-6872
Tel: 8588-0024 / 8386-6872 / 8386-6968
Making Costa Rica a World Class Destination for the Arts
Making Costa Rica a World Class Destination for the Arts
More than 65 artists - 15 rooms of art
Open Tuesdays-Saturdays 10 am - 4 pm
Costa Rican Fine Art
A Haven for the Arts
More than 65 artists - 15 rooms of Art
Hidden Garden Art Gallery
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Your Trusted Source for Fine Art Since 2010

Welcome to the Hidden Garden Art Gallery, the largest gallery in Costa Rica. We exhibit artworks of 70 national and international artists, with all of the art locally created in Costa Rica.

Our selections offer original art in many mediums including paintings, sculptures and diverse artistic expressions. Rooms are coordinated by styles, ranging from abtract, figurative and underwater images.

The Gallery is also home to the permanent exhibits of our resident artist Carlos Hiller underwater scenes, Susan Adams, Rebeca Alvarado Soto and many more.

Our location, designed with a marvelous architecture, is the perfect setting for our cultural center. Our mission is to strengthen and heighten local artists’ works to share the culture of Costa Rica.
Carlos Hiller, Susan Adams, Fabio Herrera, Hernan Perez Perez, Otto Apuy and Rebeca Alvarado Soto.
Milo Gonzalez-Alonso Duran-Fabio Rojas-Tatiana Montano- Ulises Jimenz-Juan Carlos Camacho-Gilberto Aquino Perez-Jaime Koss
Hidden Garden Art Gallery
Costa Rica-Sculpture-Ulises Jimenez-James Beale-Michael Baker-Carlos Hiller.
Paintings-Susan Adams-Ana Elena Fernandez-Sandra Jimenez Jimenez,-Carlos Hiller-Hernan Pérez Pérez-Donaldo Voelker-Cher Compton-Gilberto Aquino Perez-Eloy Zúñíga.

Located just 5 kms west of the Daniel Oduber (Liberia) International Airport (towards the beaches)




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