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Making Costa Rica a World Class Destination for the Arts
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Al Alexander

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From the artist:  "I always drew as a child, and my mother encouraged me to go to art school.  When a scene, a cultural event, a land-or-seascape inspires me, I try to capture and sometimes enhance it according to my mind's eye."

Originally from Ohio, artist Al Alexander has lived in Costa Rica since 2006.  After receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, CA, and his Master of Arts in Painting from Long Island University in New York, Al was then an adjunct professor there, teaching courses in Life Drawing, Painting and Two-Dimensional Design. At the same time he continued to pursue his fine art and commercial art careers.  Al later lived and worked in England for a few years where he exhibited his works at the Nicholas Treadwell Gallery in London.
In the late 1980's Al was appointed as project manager to execute dozens of murals that he then installed in the Florida Disney World's Epcot Center.  Al has designed and installed more than 50 commercial and private murals, including at the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, New Brunswick, New Jersey, and an estate in Santa Barbara, CA.  

The United States White House Historical Society commissioned Al for a painting which was used in their Year 2000 Commemorative Calendar (shown below), and in 1999 he created 13 paintings for the United States Army's Year 2000 Vietnam Calendar.  
        "FDR and Churchill in the Blue Room"

Collectors of Al's painting include Merck Pharmaceuticals corporate offices in New York City and New Jersey; the president of Burlington Mills, the publisher of Yachting Magazine, and the late Malcolm Forbes, as well as other numerous corporate and private collections throughout England, Europe, the United States, and now in his adopted homeland of Costa Rica

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