August 10, 2011: Gilberto Aquino Perez - Hidden Garden Art Gallery - Costa Rica Fine Art

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August 10, 2011: Gilberto Aquino Perez

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Self-taught artists featured in exhibition near Liberia
Posted on August 16, 2011 by A.M. Costa Rica Staff    

The works of Gilberto Aquino Pérez, a self-taught painter who has been in Costa Rica since 1972, will be presented starting Saturday in Liberia.
The exhibition is called “Colores y Formas Para el Espiritu.”
Aquino has cultivated several techniques, and the exhibit will highlight acrylics with the colorful and deep, rich texture for which he is known, said a spokesperson for the Hidden Garden Art Gallery, where the show will be presented. The exhibition will show approximately 20 paintings in small, medium, and large formats of birds, landscapes, and abstracts, the gallery said.
“Whenever I find myself facing a blank canvas, I experience an immense sense of freedom: the freedom that I get from doing what I love, transforming my ideas into finished work,” said Aquino. “Upon completion, I will feel satisfied, or perhaps dissatisfied, but always know I have given the best of myself in everything I do. This is loaded with discipline, order in my disorder and above all, love for what I do. It is not work, but a joy with the knowledge that the greatest satisfaction will be seeing my work finished.”
Fellow artist Gina Rojas Marín said “. . . his works stand out by the masterful handling of color, design, and shape; the texture, a perfect combination to convey what every artist needs and aims for: sensitivity, and his own interpretation.”
The gallery spokesperson said that an on-site  café serving bocas where people can gather to relax and enjoy the art has recently opened. The gallery is on the Playas del Cocos highway 5 kilometers west of the Daniel Oduber airport. The exhibition runs until Sept. 15.
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