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Making Costa Rica a World Class Destination for the Arts
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Denise Noonan

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From Denise:
Since I began painting I have been fascinated with colour and what can be done with the combinations of color. I am influenced by Matisse and am fascinated by what he did with his use of stripes and the vibrancy in the backgrounds of his paintings.

Painting is a creative process that has brought much beauty and joy to my life. I like to paint the way I live, with simplicity, elegance and humor.

Using vibrant colors, my strokes are purposeful and strong. Fun, inspiring and charming would be the repetitive themes that I hope to project through my art. When the paint medium (Acrylic) is not enough using gel and plaster brings delightful wholeness to my work. The process is personal and intense but always exciting.

Each painting takes on a story of its own and as I move forward in the creation there are twists and turns that I am not always aware of, like the unraveling of a tale. This is an important part of my connection to the art and the enjoyment of the process.

One of the things I like best about painting is the chance I have to create and enhance a memory, bring a smile to people’s faces and a chance to challenge them to remember a dream or memory they have of their own childhood or life.

I am a painter…a seeker of lively exchanges, unexpected laughter and connection with others. The intent is to connect with those seeking the same through my art.

Original Paintings by Denise Noonan
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