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Gilberto Aquino Perez

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Gilberto Aquino Perez (1954-2021)

Perez was born in El Salvador, in the heart of a humble peasant family and hospitable people.  He completed his high school education at Don Bosco College and in 1972 traveled to Costa Rica, where he pursued his childhood dream as an artist.  Perez remained in Costa Rica until his death in September 2021.  

Gilberto cultivated many different artistic techniques, but focused primarily in acrylics, and later watercolors. His work is characterized for its rich texture and vibrant colors.  Perez had numerous solo and collective expositions in Costa Rica and other countries.

From the artist:   

Whenever I find myself facing a blank canvas, I experience an immense sense of freedom: the freedom that I get from doing what I love, transforming my ideas into finished work. Upon completion I will feel satisfied, or perhaps dissatisfied, but always know I have given the best of myself in everything I do. This is loaded with discipline, order in my 'disorder' and above all, love for what I do. It is not work, but a joy with the knowledge that the greatest satisfaction will be seeing my work finished.

Starting from this premise, I enjoy color, form, and all the feeling that I can transmit with each stroke in my creation.
 -Gilberto Aquino Perez

Read about Gilberto Aquino Perez in The Howler Magazine, La Nacion, Ancora,
and A.M. Costa Rica.
Exhibit Opening: August 20, 2011.

Original Paintings by Gilberto Aquino Perez
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