June 17, 2011: Donaldo Voelker - Hidden Garden Art Gallery - Costa Rica Fine Art

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June 17, 2011: Donaldo Voelker

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By the A.M. Costa Rica staff, June 17, 2011

New Liberia exhibition inspired by post-impressionism

 Donaldo Voelker will have his ninth exhibition in Costa Rica with the opening of "Desde El Caribe Hasta Guanacaste" Saturday at the Hidden Garden Art Gallery in Liberia.

 The artist, mostly self-taught, admits that he has been labeled a primitivist. His works are mostly of Costa Rica, and all have been done this year.

 "With an interest in art history, and inspired by the post-impressionist artists of the late 1880s, my arrival to Costa Rica several years ago was the catalyst for my paintings," Voelker said. "Studying under Beatriz Gomez, a licenciatura fine arts, for many years has enabled me to develop my vibrant landscapes with their scenic beauty, and dynamic portraits of the Latin American native inhabitants.

 "Sometimes labeled a primitivist, a costumbrista, or a genre artist, my travels throughout Central and South Americas have inspired me to depict and symbolize these cultures in my art, with strong lines and complimentary colors typically found in the style of post-impressionism and the German expressionists."

 He said his hope with the exhibition was to interpret the local scenery and people of Costa Rica through the artistic European styles of the late 19th and 20th centuries.

There are 15 works in the exhibit. They are oil on canvas of medium and large format. The show closes July 14. The gallery is 5 kilometers west of the Daniel Oduber ariport in Liberia on the road to Playas del Coco.

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